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Adoption Fees & Policy

All adopters must be over the age of 18. HSAR reserves the right to refuse adoptions. Full terms and conditions are contained in the Adoption Agreement.

Before adoption, all animals are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and veterinarian assessed.

Feline Adoption Fees:

  • Kittens (Under 7 Months Old) - $175.00

  • Adult Cats (7 Months to 8 Years Old) - $125.00

  • Senior Cats (Over 8 Years Old) - $100.00

  • Barn Buddies - Donation

Canine Adoption Fees:

  • Puppies (1 Year Old And Younger) - $300.00

  • Adult Dogs (1 to 8 Years Old) - $250.00

  • Senior Dogs (Over 8 Years Old) - $215.00

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the "submit" button on our below forms. to submit the forms, please email them directly to

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Even though all of our amazing animals are listed above, if you want to view them on PetFinder, use the button below!

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